Source code for lwr.locks

    import lockfile
except ImportError:
    lockfile = None

import threading

import logging
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

NO_PYLOCKFILE_MESSAGE = "pylockfile module not found, expect suboptimal LWR lock handling."

[docs]class LockManager(): def __init__(self, lockfile=lockfile): if not lockfile: self.job_locks = dict({}) self.job_locks_lock = threading.Lock() self.lockfile = lockfile
[docs] def get_lock(self, path): """ Get a job lock corresponding to the path - assumes parent directory exists but the file itself does not. """ if self.lockfile: return self.lockfile.LockFile(path) else: with self.job_locks_lock: if path not in self.job_locks: lock = threading.Lock() self.job_locks[path] = lock else: lock = self.job_locks[path] return lock
[docs] def free_lock(self, path): # Not needed with pylockfile # Not currently be called, will result in tiny memory leak if # pylockfile is unavailable - so if you process millions of jobs # install pylockfile. if not self.lockfile: with self.job_locks_lock: if path in self.job_locks: del self.job_locks[path]