lwr.lwr_client Module


This module contains logic for interfacing with an external LWR server.

Configuring Galaxy

Galaxy job runners are configured in Galaxy’s job_conf.xml file. See job_conf.xml.sample_advanced in your Galaxy code base or on Bitbucket for information on how to configure Galaxy to interact with the LWR.

Galaxy also supports an older, less rich configuration of job runners directly in its main universe_wsgi.ini file. The following section describes how to configure Galaxy to communicate with the LWR in this legacy mode.


A Galaxy tool can be configured to be executed remotely via LWR by adding a line to the universe_wsgi.ini file under the galaxy:tool_runners section with the format:

<tool_id> = lwr://http://<lwr_host>:<lwr_port>

As an example, if a host named remotehost is running the LWR server application on port 8913, then the tool with id test_tool can be configured to run remotely on remotehost by adding the following line to universe.ini:

test_tool = lwr://http://remotehost:8913

Remember this must be added after the [galaxy:tool_runners] header in the universe.ini file.