Source code for lwr.daemon

import logging
from logging.config import fileConfig

import os
import functools
import time
import sys
from six.moves import configparser

    from daemonize import Daemonize
except ImportError:
    Daemonize = None

# Vaguely Python 2.6 compatibile ArgumentParser import
    from argparser import ArgumentParser
except ImportError:
    from optparse import OptionParser

[docs] class ArgumentParser(OptionParser): def __init__(self, **kwargs): self.delegate = OptionParser(**kwargs)
[docs] def add_argument(self, *args, **kwargs): if "required" in kwargs: del kwargs["required"] return self.delegate.add_option(*args, **kwargs)
[docs] def parse_args(self): (options, args) = self.delegate.parse_args() return options
from paste.deploy.loadwsgi import ConfigLoader log = logging.getLogger(__name__) LWR_ROOT_DIR = os.path.abspath(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), "..")) DEFAULT_PID = "" DEFAULT_VERBOSE = True DESCRIPTION = "Daemonized entry point for LWR services."
[docs]def load_lwr_app( config_builder, config_env=False, log=None, **kwds ): # Allow specification of log so daemon can reuse properly configured one. if log is None: log = logging.getLogger(__name__) # If called in daemon mode, set the ROOT directory and ensure LWR is on # sys.path. if config_env: try: os.chdir(LWR_ROOT_DIR) except Exception: log.exception("Failed to chdir") raise try: sys.path.append(os.path.join(LWR_ROOT_DIR)) except Exception: log.exception("Failed to add LWR to sys.path") raise config_builder.setup_logging() config = config_builder.load() config.update(kwds) import lwr.core lwr_app = lwr.core.LwrApp(**config) return lwr_app
def __setup_logging(ini_path): raw_config = configparser.ConfigParser()[ini_path]) # if raw_config.has_section('loggers'): config_file = os.path.abspath(ini_path) fileConfig( config_file, dict(__file__=config_file, here=os.path.dirname(config_file)) ) def __app_config(ini_path, app_name): config = ConfigLoader(ini_path).app_context(app_name).config() return config
[docs]def app_loop(args): try: config_builder = LwrConfigBuilder(args) lwr_app = load_lwr_app( config_builder, config_env=True, log=log, ) except BaseException: log.exception("Failed to initialize LWR application") raise try: # Hmmmm... not sure what to do in here this was example though... while True: time.sleep(5) except Exception: pass try: lwr_app.shutdown() except Exception: log.exception("Failed to shutdown LWR application") raise
[docs]class LwrConfigBuilder(object): """ Generate paste-like configuration from supplied command-line arguments. """ def __init__(self, args=None, **kwds): ini_path = kwds.get("ini_path", None) or args.ini_path if ini_path is None: ini_path = "server.ini" if not os.path.isabs(ini_path): ini_path = os.path.join(LWR_ROOT_DIR, ini_path) self.ini_path = ini_path self.app_name = kwds.get("app") or @classmethod
[docs] def populate_options(clazz, arg_parser): arg_parser.add_argument("--ini_path", default=None) arg_parser.add_argument("--app", default="main")
[docs] def load(self): ini_path = self.ini_path app_name = self.app_name config = ConfigLoader(ini_path).app_context(app_name).config() return config
[docs] def setup_logging(self): raw_config = configparser.ConfigParser()[self.ini_path]) # if raw_config.has_section('loggers'): config_file = os.path.abspath(self.ini_path) fileConfig( config_file, dict(__file__=config_file, here=os.path.dirname(config_file)) )
[docs] def to_dict(self): return dict( ini_path=self.ini_path, app=self.app_name )
[docs]class LwrManagerConfigBuilder(LwrConfigBuilder): def __init__(self, args=None, **kwds): super(LwrManagerConfigBuilder, self).__init__(args=args, **kwds) self.manager = kwds.get("manager", None) or args.manager
[docs] def to_dict(self): as_dict = super(LwrManagerConfigBuilder, self).to_dict() as_dict["manager"] = self.manager return as_dict
[docs] def populate_options(clazz, arg_parser): LwrConfigBuilder.populate_options(arg_parser) arg_parser.add_argument("--manager", default="_default_")
[docs]def main(): if Daemonize is None: raise ImportError("Attempted to use LWR in daemon mode, but daemonize is unavailable.") arg_parser = ArgumentParser(description=DESCRIPTION) LwrConfigBuilder.populate_options(arg_parser) args = arg_parser.parse_args() log.setLevel(logging.DEBUG) log.propagate = False fh = logging.FileHandler("daemon.log", "w") fh.setLevel(logging.DEBUG) log.addHandler(fh) keep_fds = [] daemon = Daemonize( app="lwr", pid=DEFAULT_PID, action=functools.partial(app_loop, args), verbose=DEFAULT_VERBOSE, keep_fds=keep_fds, ) daemon.start()
if __name__ == "__main__": main()